Star Wars Rise of Skywalker

Last night I saw Star Wars Rise of Skywalker…here’s everything I liked and what could be better.

As a child of the 80s, I saw Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi in the theater. I was seven when I watched ROTJ and as you can imagine, was obsessed with Ewoks. I mean, who wouldn’t be? That was also the movie where we met Jabba the Hut and Leah’s infamous gold bikini.

The new movies that came afterward were not my favorites. Let’s not discuss the name-that-shall-not-be-mentioned-that-begins-with-J-ends-with-S. And, no, it’s not JJ Abrams.

What I love about the final sequels & Rise of Skywalker:

  • Rey is a badass female heroine.
  • Kylo Ren is a nuanced, fascinating villain who I found myself secretly wanting to join the dark side for.
  • The effects are incredible (so much spaceship goodness).
  • Stormtroopers are people, too.
  • New robots that include BB8 and the little cone-head droid in Rise of Skywalker.
  • A sweet farewell to Leia. RIP Carrie Fisher.

    The movie hit a lot of nostalgic notes that a fan like me appreciated:
  • We got to say goodbye to our favorites: Luke, Leia, Han.
  • Went back to where it all started.
  • An epic Death Star fight scene among monster waves.
  • Lots of fantastic space battles.
  • Ewok cameo!

Was it perfect? No, but I’m going to leave all the nitpicking to critics and hardcore fans. I recently bought a BB8 mug that plays sounds. I love it so much!

BB8 mug

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